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Sales Management

Sales Management

Creeno solutions Sales Management Services offers a range of sales consulting services customized to each client’s particular needs. Our engagements may be structured on a project, interim, or part-time basis. Using our expertise and experience we help clients to increase the sales accross communities.

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How can we develop sales strategy?

Our experts ability to collect and analyse large amounts of data, to assess problems and structure solutions and to present information at a range of levels.

Does reporting system make difference?

Implementing or updating reporting systems by applying necessary filters will let you clealy observe the market needs and opportunities.

Will compensation plan take us into heavy losses?

Establishing compensation plans by using customer emotional algorithms under the organisations core values will increase the satisfaction of the unsatisfied customers. This will help organisations in converting temporary customers to permanent customers.

Does developing sales targets will achieve good success?

Creeno solutions helps the organisations to achieve good sales by using traditional sales targeting parameters, which depends on the size and scope of the product or an organisation.

How can we increase performance standards in the sales department?

Performance standards are the key to make the product successful in market. Our experts provide a fully succesful standards for each critical element and included in the employee performance plan. Our standards set are objective, measurable, realistic and stated clearly.

How can we develop the scope of sales in different territories?

We create sale terrotories around certain types of customer and audience segments. Our characterstics to define a sales territory include sales potential, industry, product, customer type, purchase history, and referral source. Our five steps for a successful sales territory are:

  • Analysing and segmenting existing customers.
  • Conducting SWOT analysis.
  • Set goals and establish targets.
  • Develop a tangible strategy.
  • Tracking results and optimizing territory division.
How can we enhance the skills of a sales team ?

Sales are made when you can establish potential objections, client needs and the value of using your product. Time management, public speaking and motivation can also help you to increase sales. This list of ways to improve your sales skills can be used by new salespeople. However, even seasoned sales reps must acquire new skills to respond to changing markets. Creeno solutions help organisations to build new sales tools or promotional materials and coach sales people individually which can bring difference in increasing the quality of services you deliver.

How can we find the sales opportunities in the market?

Effective sales strategies involve employing the best strategies in the right situations. Here are some of Creeno solutions sales tactics that can work for sales teams in every industry.

  • Be persistent with leads and develop the habit of following up with each customer.
  • Solve your customers problem.
  • Develop the ability to actively listen to customers.
  • Earn you referrals before you ask for them.
  • Adhere to strict deadlines with your customers.
  • Develop relationships with your customers.
  • Solicit targeted leads.
  • Learn to uncover each customer pain point.
  • Master the art of storytelling.
  • Finding prospects who want the things you have to sell.
  • Develop compelling goals and an actionable plan.
  • Prove the customer that your product or service actually works.
  • Maintain a positive mindset.