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Market Research

Market Research

The advancement of technology over the years accross communities has opened many ways of finding out what we need to do and sustain businesses of different kinds. Market research helps organisations to deliver the right product at the right place with the right price to the right customer.

Market Research also helps organisations to improve the customers satisfaction by performing analysis on real-time values obtained from the research.

At creeno solutions we perform a systematic and objective investigation of a subject or problem in order to discover relevant information or principles.

Creeno's market research assists in the overall management of the marketing function. We help organisations to prioritize the more important and pressing problems selected for solution, reach the best possible solution based on the information available, implement the solution, modify the solution when additional information so dictates, and establish policy to act as a readymade solution for any recurrence of the problem.

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How do I define the objective and a problem?

Perhaps the most important step in the market research process is defining the goals of a project. At the core of this understands the root question that needs to be informed by market research. There is typically a key business problem or opportunity that needs to be acted upon, but there is a lack of information to make that decision comfortably; Creeno solutions market research is to inform that decision with solid data.

What is all about research design?

The second step is objective of research. This involved type of research and duration to collect primary data. Proper research design need to be plan and this will involve survey, focus group and other variables.

How do I design and prepare research instrument?

In this step of the market research process, it’s time to design research tool.Our experts team will advise and implement a tool depending on the size of an entity or organisation, which reflects in the increasing factor of success graph.

Can we collect Data from the past or from the future?

Creeno sol. will be very helpful at this important dimension/step which will involve administering research question, and observations through collection and recording questionnaires.

How can we analyse data?

Once data had been collected, it needs to be analyzed. The process may involve the statistical tool such as SPSS, SEM or Rasch technique.

How do we communicate the results?

The result of the finding will help an individual or organistion to identify the possible solution and overcome any shortcoming before the product or service is launched.